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Rail industry

Quality Assurance for Rail Supply Manufacturing

Rail supply industry must meet the highest quality standards. Because trains are an important part of public transportation, quality is heavily monitored by state commissions. Our solution for quality assurance is trained to examine the parts according to the relevant regulations.

36ZERO Vision performs automated quality assurance in rail supply manufacturing. The solution delivers precise results with changing light and high frequency vibrations. Produced parts in the rail supply industry are usually large and have several areas of interest on the surface. Therefore, it is important that our solution is optimised to work with the changing camera position.

Rail quality assurance

Assembly Verification of Rail Supply


German rail supply manufacturer


The component is manufactured through manual operations due to the high degree of sophistication and customisation required. To standardise and automate quality management was a challenge to the customer due to the large size of the component and the inflexibility of manual and legacy solutions.


A standardised and automated quality workflow was implemented in a manual guided quality station. Key surfaces and elements were verified against internal and external requirements for rail supply manufacturing, ensuring inspection of multiple defect types and conformity of assembly.

Automated real-time quality reports categorised by component ID with a summary of inspection are delivered to the customer.

Reports are also available in real time through the 36ZERO Vision Cloud Suite.


Higher performance of quality operations through objective quality standards. Reduced Claim handling effort and NCR rate.

Increased productivity through reallocation of labour resources. Reduced lead time thanks to automated and digital processes.

Reduced corrective quality costs through improved claim handling. Higher output through process optimization. Transparency of quality metrics down to unit level.