How we work

Want to automate quality assurance in your plant?
Our team works individually on each project. We analyze the manufacturing process and current QA workflow to define the use case. With your input, our customer success team creates a project outline. Then, our deep learning developers configure the module of your choice for your manufacturing plant.

How to work with 36ZERO Vision:

  1. Contact our customer team and specify your request. Write to us in which manufacturing area you work, what problem you are looking to solve and in what module you are interested.
  2. Schedule a virtual or personal meeting to clarify the project details.
  3. We will ask you to send us images of your parts for the model training.
  4. Come to one of our showrooms to test the 36ZERO Vision solution on your own parts optional.
  5. Approve the project and install our solution in your production plant.
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