Zero defects, Zero friction
and Zero scrap production
in global manufacturing


Revolutionizing the industry

We are revolutionizing the quality assurance and inspection ecosystem by placing the capabilities of artificial intelligence at the fingertips of our users. At 36ZERO Vision, we believe in technology that is designed to provide manufacturers a plug-and-play solution, enabling them to enter the industry 4.0 without coding a single line.

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How we started

Our company was founded by two passionate AI experts who saw an opportunity to bring something completely different to the quality assurance market. We created a software-based solution to monitor manufacturing quality. The product we offered was called FotoNow, because our goal was to automate the image acquisition of produced parts and enable easy traceability throughout the manufacturing process. In 2021 our offer evolved with additional products: Fault detection, character recognition and conformity verification. We keep developing new solutions to provide manufacturers with QA software that meets their needs. With new developments, we outgrown ourselves as well as the original meaning behind FotoNow. We needed a new name that communicates our universal solution for all-round quality management. And we found it: 36ZERO Vision – It is not just a name, it’s our goal and our identity. We want to enhance manufacturing quality all over the world. And beyond.

36zero vision team

Together we are strong

Every big vision needs visionaries We are an international fast growing team of open-minded people. We believe that now is the time to revolutionize the manufacturing space through intelligent technology – so we are here to build it.

Our Founders

Florian Ziesche
Florian Ziesche Founder & CEO

Expertise: Leadership at BMW, BNP, Tetrapak, Rolls Royce, 10 years+ experience in IT and Business

I am proud to work with the best talent from around the world and the support of our partners and customers. Together we are bringing production innovation, change and great improvement to the assembly line for the entire industry globally. Our vision is to achieve ZERO- friction production, ZERO- defects and ZERO- scrap costs, with 36ZERO Vision, designed and made in Germany.

Zeeshan Karamat
Zeeshan Karamat Founder & CTO

Expertise: 100+ hackathons, top 10 industrial certifications, 15 years+ experience in Deep Learning

I always had the dream of breaking the boundaries of technology with the goal to build smart, intelligent solutions for the future. With 36ZERO Vision this dream is becoming true. We managed to assemble an amazing team, who is passionate to overcome any challenges in technology and are not afraid to try the impossible.

Our biggest asset is our team

We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers and product managers and much more. We are proud to be diverse and a truly internationalwith more than 10 different nations around the globe.


Calling all visionaries

Every big vision needs visionaries

Our team is a group of highly motivated and open-minded people. We come from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds. We all have one thing in common – we want to bring our ideas to life and make the world better through technology.

Want to join us?

Where we work

Munich’s urban district

We offer modern office space in Munich’s urban district Werksviertel. Our workplace is located in the newly opened Unicorn Coworking Spaces. We enjoy getting together for coffee or tea. What matters most are the people we do this with. We won’t lie, though, we enjoy this with an impressive view over Munich’s inner city or the panoramic backdrop of the Alps.