AI-based software solution
for quality automation

36ZERO Vision is an AI-based software solution...

for quality automation fault inspection and conformity verification increasing transparency, productivity throughout. 36ZERO Vision is available through three different modules that can be applied individually or combined. To tailor the functionally for individual use cases extra components can be added.



Find the Module which
best fits to your Use Case

Our solution is available in three modules that represent different use cases. Manufacturers can acquire one of the modules and benefit from a specialised technology for their specific case. If the customer seeks to have a solution that automates the entire QA process, they can combine the modules in different variations.

Smart Image Acquisition
NEW_Smart Image Aquisition_1200X1000
Automated image acquisition to improve quality automation

This module ensures traceability and transparency throughout the manufacturing plant. It allows access to the images of all produced parts sorted by plant, date and time.

How it works

  1. Smart detection of relevant objects in the production line
  2. Automated image acquisition
  3. Metadata gets added (e.g. date, time,
    product type, production line)
Fault Inspection
NEW_Fault Inspections v2_1200x1000
Detection of visual faults on surfaces or of faults in the assembly

Detection of visual faults on surfaces:
– Scratches
– Dents
– Cracks
– Color irregularities
– Blowholes

Detection of faults in the assembly:
– Missing parts
– Faulty configuration

How it works

  1. Smart detection of the region of interest
  2. Inspection on area of interest
  3. Output: Ok/Nok
  4. Notification via message or email in real-time when part Nok
Norm Verification
NEW_DIN verirfication_1200x1000
Verification of quality of printing against international industry norms

This module verifies quality of printing, like serial numbers, logotypes, etc. according to international industry standards. it identifies poor readability, wrong alignment and other faults in printings of any kind. It is based on our proprietary OCV (object character verification) technology developed for industrial use.

How it works

  1. Smart detection of the region of interest
  2. Character and symbol recognition
  3. Verifying the readability and correct placement according to relevant DIN norms
  4. Standard notification via message, email, etc. in real-time in case of non-conformity
Extra Components

To tailor the functionally for individual use cases extra components can be added. Extra components can be combined with each module.


36ZERO Vision works with Azure, AWS, Google and other cloud providers. Any cloud can be chosen as a storage place for the images of the parts.

Metadata Addition

Product-related data like a serial number or product model is read automatically by our industrial OCR technology. This information is then automatically added as metadata to each image.

Product Information

Serial numbers, codes and logos can be verified against a given database. With this component, the solution connects to the company database and verifies the product information according to the predefined parameters.

Total Integration
into Customer Systems

36ZERO Vision can be integrated with advanced quality management systems. This allows an integration where faulty parts are sorted out by a robot, for example.


GDPR compliant covering of faces and other body parts. If an employee appears in the image, they will be removed before the picture is processed and stored.