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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Find the answers to the common questions about 36ZERO Vision solution

36ZERO Vision is hardware-independent. What does it mean?

36ZERO Vision is a software-based solution that requires product images for quality inspections. Being hardware-independent, 36ZERO Vision can process images taken with any camera device, like smartphone, industrial camera or reflex camera.

Which additional hardware besides a camera device must I have?

Generally, 36ZERO Vision solution is optimized to work with basic hardware set: camera device and the camera holder. If, based on your use case, additional hardware is required, our team assists you with the selection and installation.

Can I configure the application myself?

Our team prepares the ready-to-use app configuration for you based on your use case. After the implementation, no input from the customer side is needed to maintain the configuration.

Can I use other camera devices like endoscopes, x-ray, etc.?

Yes, you can use any device providing the pictures you want to be analyzed. 

Production environments often have many employees. What happens if they are visible in the image?

36ZERO Vision is fully GDPR compliant. This means that people visible in the image are automatically made unrecognizable.

Do I need internet connection?

Yes, if the app is running on the cloud
No if the app is running locally (most of uses cases)
Else any connectivity to your local system is usually enough
During set-up phase, internet connection is necessary

Which functionalities can I expect from the most simple 36ZERO Vision module?

With 36ZERO Vision you can automatically take pictures and store them in a cloud. Thanks to our innovative and easy-to-use self-service option, anyone interested can train the photo trigger themselves. No previous IT knowledge is required. Automatic error detection is not included in this version.

What quality defects can 36ZERO Vision detect?

Generally anything within the camera’s field of view. From missing or incorrectly mounted parts, scratches, dents and gaps, to color differences. Dust detection in the run-up to painting processes is not a problem, nor is text recognition on components, for example to automatically detect approval- relevant information.

How small can a defect be to be recognized by 36ZERO Vision?

A thumb rule is as follows: if this is on the picture, if you see it when you zoom as much as you can, then the software will detect it. And even a little more.

For which surfaces can 36ZERO Vision quality inspection be applied?

36ZERO Vision is material agnostic. Our solution deals with most complex use cases, i.e. reflective materials, like metal, plastic, glass and mirror.

Can 36ZERO Vision inspect and recognize documents and text along with the inspected objects?

Text of any kind can be read with 36ZERO Vision and the information can be transmitted to connected systems. The customer requirements so far range from reading specific information on order sheets, to the recognition of texts and numbers on components of any kind and shape. For example, to automatically store approval-relevant information in databases due to the necessary documentation requirements.

Can the app read several matrix-/barcodes within one picture?

Yes. This is easy for our a.i.

Can 36ZERO Vision be used to do inspection of pre-painted surfaces, post painted surfaces, or metals surfaces?

Sure. Let us know your use case and needs.

Does it work black&white or in color?

Both works, obviously you get the best out of 36ZERO Vision with color and HD.

How does the software identify errors?

The deep learning algorithm learns patterns and from these learnt patterns 36ZERO Vision identifies errors.

Can 36ZERO Vision recognize a totally new fault?

Yes. It depends on what were the specs of model training in the beginning, but yes. It learns default patterns, and such can identify new occurrences. FotoNow also has anomaly detection as a recommendation engine to give recommendations about anomalous behavior to humans and using human-in-loop principle; it can automatically learn new defects or changes in production line or new product variants.

Can the solution use anomaly detection to recommend new faults?

Yes. It depends on what were the specs of model training in the beginning, but generally yes. It learns default patterns, and such can identify totally new occurrences.

How small the production cycle can be feasible for 36ZERO Vision? 30 seconds, 1 seconds etc.?

What is critical is the way & time to retrieve the picture in a good quality. The algorithm itself will calculate way below 1sec.

How long is the setup and deployment process?

Deployment depends on the specific use-case. If there are cameras or smartphones available, we could get FotoNow up and running after one or two days, depending on the use case. Other use-cases were fully operational within one to two weeks.

What are the error notification options?

36ZERO Vision sends notifications either by email to designated email addresses or as a push message directly to your mobile phone. On top of that, we’ve built-in support for 80+ industrial system connectors.

How easy to use is the application?

36ZERO Vision is designed for people that do not have IT knowledge and can be easily operated by any employee. Nevertheless, you can request additional training from our team, or use the general documentation of your project to teach your colleague.

How can a new fault be added to the existing 36ZERO Vision software?

In a couple of clicks: take a picture, label the fault with our software, and send it to us. We need to train a new model and download the new model on your app.

Is it possible to connect the app solution and iPhone on the company’s own 5G net?

Sure. This is quick and efficient.

How is the application connected to the company’s own database?

This is specific from company to company. We can implement all the usual interfaces (PLC, etc.)

Are the generated images usable for database analysis with Data Analysis applications?

They are ready for further use. With the software setup, you choose which metadata is documented (i.e. date, serial number, station, etc.) During the quality inspection process each part is labeled with metadata and is ready for export.

Where is the data stored and who is responsible?

This mostly depends on what has been agreed upon. But generally, data is stored in the customer’s cloud and the customer is owner and responsible. Cloud storage is in Europe.

Can customers use their own cloud?

For sure, customer cloud can be used for the storage purpose and to run web servers (to ensure further internal use of 36ZERO Vision results, such as email push to employees etc…).
Customer cloud cannot be used to host the A.I.

How much storage is needed to store the images?

For data exchange we recommend 30GB and for storage approx. 100GB.

How long can the data be stored? Can it be stored for 7 years etc.?

Any specific storage plan can be agreed upon.

Who is the owner of the data?

Customer is the owner of the data unless otherwise agreed.

Who is the owner of the trained model?

36ZERO Vision is the owner of the algorithm, but the trained model (and data) cannot be used for other customers.

Which notification channels are supported? Can it be connected to industrial manufacturing systems?

Yes, connectivity to PLC/SPS are usual, as well as any web servers running notification and scripts.

Can 36ZERO Vision do metrology, measurements?

Not in current release, but this is on our product milestone, and will be released in Q2-Q3 2022.

The company fears an insecure entry point for hackers. How do you solve this?

The solution can work on the local device edge: no connection means no insecure point.

Can 36ZERO Vision detect 3D defects?

Generally, yes. Let us know your use case to assess together if the situation is suitable for 3D defects, not in current release, but this is on our product milestone, and will be released in Q2-Q3 2022.

What industries does the 36ZERO Vision solution support?

This is a generalist software, dedicated to picture analysis. It can support multiple spectrums of photography, and we’re planning to release features like sound inspection, 3D fault inspection, and metrology.

Can I use it for solar panel inspection?

Yes, we already have a similar use case in our standard application. We did a benchmark on the industrial standard available on the market and our model is state of art on it.

Can I get the software or how does the licensing work?

This is a standard subscription model. You can get more information if you contact our sales team: [email protected]

How do I get in contact with the 36ZERO Vision team?

Best way to get in touch with us is via email.
If you have a general question about our product and want to gain general information, please contact us on [email protected]
For questions according to sales please contact [email protected].