Automotive quality assurance


Automated QA for car manufacturers and OEMs

Quality Assurance in the automotive industry

Visual quality assurance for automotive manufacturers focuses on complex fault inspection and industrial norm verification. 36ZERO Vision has an AI-powered solution developed for the precise detection of surface defects on automotive parts. Thanks to the combination of optical quality assurance and automated database analysis 36ZERO Vision verifies compliance with the international industry norms for the automotive industry.


Fault Inspection on Cast Iron Ball Fittings




The product portfolio of the automotive manufacturer contains ball joints made of cast iron. During the solidification of liquid steel, blowholes can occur.

Legacy quality assurance systems cannot automate the inspection process because of the irregular position and shape of the defects.

The cast iron parts are currently checked manually at the final assembly via a functionality sample test.


36ZERO vision solution is set up in the assembly line with an industrial camera to inspect faults.

The proprietary and patented algorithm enables real-time blowholes detection down to pixel- level and is robust to external factors such as light reflection or wrong positioning.

The station is set up only with an industrial camera and a stabiliser. The quality assurance solution automatically takes an image of the part and analyses the image on-edge in less than two seconds. The system provides results and analytics to the customer in real time.


An automated QA solution created objective quality standards for all installed quality gates at an early production stage.

36ZERO Vision increased productivity by 0,2%pts and reduced rework effort.

Early notification of the defect increased throughput rate.

Smart Image Acquisition for Tail Light Production


Car manufacturer


Cracks and scratches are hard to identify on the glass surface of tail lights. At the same time, the correct fit of parts has to be checked. 

The visual inspection in the line of the automotive manufacturer is semi-manual and not precise. Late fault detection leads to higher rework costs and in the worst case – to recalls.

Current quality assurance process is time consuming and inefficient. The images of the parts are stored on an SD card and reviewed by the employees every 4 hours.


The customer installed the 36ZERO Vision solution on a smartphone. The smartphone is connected to the plant with wireless.

36ZERO Vision uses AI to automatically recognise the tail light and take the image. All the images are stored in the cloud in real time.

Within a few seconds, 36ZERO Vision identifies the defects and verifies correct positioning of the parts.


The quality assurance of the automotive manufacturer workflow became fully automated.

For wrong positioning, the quick QA solution enables immediate rework without any delay. For scratches and cracks, the real-time fault inspection excludes defective parts from the production cycle and thus reduces the waste rate. 

36ZERO Vision improves worker productivity by 1 hour per shift. It also reduces the rework time.