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36ZERO Vision GmbH Now Available on SAP® Store

By integrating with SAP Digital Manufacturing, the AI-powered visual quality inspection solution from 36ZERO Vision provides best-in-class quality assurance, ease of use, scalability, and allows for data-driven process optimization.

Munich – November 20th, 2023 – 36ZERO Vision GmbH today announced that its AI-powered visual quality inspection solution is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. The 36ZERO Vision app integrates with SAP Digital Manufacturing and delivers a scalable solution that works with new and existing camera hardware. It can be set up in a matter of clicks and seamlessly connects to existing production systems.

Empowering scalability and hardware compatibility

Seamlessly integrate new and existing camera hardware. Thereby 36ZERO Vision ensures compatibility, flexibility and optimal user performance across different vision hardware platforms.

Easy to use interface for pattern recognition at pixel level

The 36ZERO Vision application enables anyone to automate visual inspection tasks at industry-leading precision and accuracy – saving time and increasing value for manufacturers.

Enhancing customer value through digitalization

Inspection results and images are stored together with comprehensive metadata, allowing for data-driven process optimization and easy retrieval for future reference and analysis.

“36ZERO Vision integrated on SAP Digital Manufacturing is starting a new chapter for us,” says Heiko Huber, CEO of 36ZERO Vision. “Manufacturers using SAP are now just one mouse click away from leveraging our industry-leading software solution for visual quality inspection. Being part of the SAP ecosystem will not only drive adoption, but also help to exploit the full potential of collected inspection data.”

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About 36ZERO Vision

36ZERO Vision is a Munich-based industrial AI and software company that brings the power of AI and computer vision to the fingertips of manufacturers. Its proprietary AI allows to automate visual inspection tasks in the most efficient way while identifying patterns – defects and features – at an unprecedented level of accuracy.

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Press report 36ZERO Vision GmbH Now Available on SAP® Store