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Big announcement: FotoNow becomes 36ZERO Vision

FotoNow was created by business expert Florian Ziesche and AI developer Zeeshan Karamat. They worked together on Industry 4.0 projects for large manufacturers. While working with major industrial companies, they saw a big flaw in the quality assurance systems they used. There was a lot of manual labor involved in quality control and documentation was complicated or nonexistent. To simplify visual quality control in the production environment, Florian and Zeeshan developed a solution that automated the documentation of parts on the shopfloor. Based on smart object recognition, they developed a software to automatically capture images of the produced parts. With automatic part recognition on the production line and storage of images of each part, manufacturers were able to trace all the produced parts and easily document the faulty ones. That’s how the story of our company began.

Our product has changed significantly over the past year. From a technical and organizational point of view, our company has expanded. The only thing that has not changed is our desire to create innovative technology for quality assurance. We gained talented deep learning engineers and industry experts for our team and created together a strong solution that revolutionized the QA market.

Due to participation in several accelerator programs and events, our solution for automating quality control attracted a lot of interest in the industry. Our customers in the automotive and electrical engineering sectors appreciate our company for its innovative approach and precision technology. Over the past year, our team has been in close contact with industry leaders, learning about their problems and needs. We analyzed the quality assurance process on production lines and improved the functionality of our solution. First, the Fault Inspection module was added. Fault Inspection is one of the biggest issues in the quality assurance process. Especially defects like scratches, blowholes and color irregularities on reflective surfaces are difficult to detect even for quality management experts. The development team managed to create an AI-powered solution that achieves even better precision in defect detection than that of quality experts. Next important module launched is Norm Verification. Our solution is the first one on the market that offers an automated end-to-end verification of quality of printing, like serial numbers, logotypes, etc. according to international industry norms. 

With new developments, we outgrown ourselves as well as the original meaning behind FotoNow. We needed a new name that communicates our universal solution for all-round quality management. And we found it: 36ZERO Vision – It is not just a name, it’s our goal and our identity. We want to enhance manufacturing quality from a 360 Degree angle, all over the world – and even beyond 😉

Please meet 36ZERO Vision – The next Generation of Visual Quality Inspection.