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The automotive world is rethinking – 36ZERO Vision takes part in the annual congress of AKJ

36ZERO Vision is part of the annual congress of AKJ Automotive Germany – Best Practices in der Supply Chain Automotive, which is aimed at executives, decision-makers and experts in the automotive and supplier industry as well as those responsible for the introduction and further development of new strategies, concepts, structures, processes and systems.

This years headline is:

Strategies and paths for sustainable transformation in product, production and supply chain.

This is the motto under which OEMs, suppliers and service providers of the AKJ Automotive deal with strategies and implementations in the automotive industry. The focus is also on how new opportunities with innovative vehicle products and their use, the processes and structures in the factory and the supply chain will look and be adapted in the future.

The pressure for sustainable supply and use of new products and components has increased massively. At the same time, processes in startup and series production must be accelerated, sustainability must be ensured, and costs must be reduced to a considerable extent. Transformation and competitive survival can only succeed if all the stops are pulled out for more digitization, structural and process optimization, and sustainability.

36ZERO Vision is looking forward to taking part in these important discussions and showcasing a possible solution for these challenges as an exhibitor with its AI-software for quality assurance in production.

Some of the focal points discussed are:

  • Will it be possible to implement the automation and digitization potential sustainably?
  • Is the automotive industry able to cover the pent-up demand in IT?
  • What new roles must existing suppliers and service providers take on?

The congress features contributions from Bosch Rexroth, ZF Group, Daimler Truck AG, Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH and many more.

The event takes place in Saarbrücken from May 4th to 5th.

More information here (and how to participate):