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The winner of the Best Assembly Idea 2022 is 36ZERO Vision

The 32nd German Assembly Congress in Augsburg focused on the assembly challenges in insecure times. In view of the problems of the modern world, such as resource scarcity, unstable supply chains and climate change, the need for new manufacturing solutions is particularly high.

At this year’s Congress, the participants addressed key factors of the industrial challenges. The key factors are well-trained, flexible employees, intelligent data management, and technologies that significantly reduce CO2 emissions in production and assembly.

Besides exciting speaker presentations and discussions, a prize for the best assembly idea was awarded during the congress. 36ZERO Vision presented its AI-powered solution for quality assurance in manufacturing and became the winner of the competition.

The solution uses advanced computer vision technology to automatically track parts, detect surface defects and verify norm conformity. 36ZERO Vision is a software-based solution which is compatible with every hardware and industrial system. It performs precise quality inspection working in the real manufacturing environment: changing lights, high-frequency vibrations and moving parts without a line stopper. Compared to standard quality control solutions, 36ZERO Vision does not require complex equipment and production line modifications. It can be flexibly installed on the quality gate using any camera device, i.e. industrial camera, mirror camera or smartphone camera.

Due to its AI technology, 36ZERO Vision learns like a human from the feedback given by employees of the quality department. The solution identifies defects and nonconformities according to the customers’ needs.

With its automated highly precise quality assurance solution, 36ZERO Vision addresses several crucial factors of sustainable manufacturing. First, the QA solution significantly reduces the waste rate in the manufacturing process. Second, it contributes to Green Manufacturing and aims to reduce CO2 emissions of the manufacturing companies. A very important impact of 36ZERO Vision is the relief of employees by taking over the monotonous tasks.

Other participants of the best assembly idea contest presented further creative approaches to address assembly challenges. Trinckle took 2nd place in the competition. This deep tech company aims to automate design creation in manufacturing. 3rd place was taken by plus10 who optimizes the productivity of machines on the factory floor by implementing AI technology.